Welcome!  Our service combines not only traditional GPS monitoring of transport,
employees, relatives, pets but wonderful world of trips and travels
that you can share in the real time.

   GPS monitoring
Live GPS Tracking is a modern professional solution for sattelite monitoring of various types of transport and special vehicles.

Key advantages of our monitoring service

We use our own software development that allows us to maintain competitive prices.
Our plans will pleasantly surprise you. Plan calculator.
4 monitoring objects are serviced for free.
More than 750 models are supported, that allows connecting your devices in in operation.

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   Travel ONLINE
This section is for users who love to explore the world and visit new places. It allows to keep a travel diary and share yuor experience ONLINE!
  • Launch our app LiveGPS Travel Tracker and start traveling
  • The app will accurately record your travels and automatically send completed route to the website.
  • The app supports offline mode with a capability to share yuor trip at a convenient time.
  • Take photos and write text notes. They will appear on the map in a place where you created them.
  • Share your impressions without limitations!

This service section is absolutely free of charge.
   GPS tracks storage
Store GPS tracks of your trips and you can always remember the best routes and places you loved.

Download your own or someone else's track on your smartphone or laptop, load it to your favorite navigation app to easy find the right route.

Tracks are stored for an unlimited time.
   We are working for you since 2010
Our company works on the market of satellite monitoring systems since 2010. As of the beginning of 2019, our GPS monitoring platform is used by more than 1000 companies in Russia. Tracking modules are installed on more than 120000 vehicles.

The main challenge of Live GPS Tracking - is to OPTIMIZE transport routes and REDUCE COSTS for its operation. Additionally to economic results, implementation of the transport monitoring system allows our customers to improve transport safety level and optimize shipping logistics for their companies.

Live GPS Tracking is destined not only for large carriers, but it also for small businesses that needs mobility. For this end, we have developed special software that allows you to track cars via smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, our monitoring system is free for private users who can use it to control location of kids, seniors and pets.
   Control location of kids, seniors and pets
Seniors and young children should be carefully controlled.

Our monitoring service Live GPS Tracking, can help you know exact location of your kids. You can always control whether they are at school or left it, why they are late from gym or walking outside the permitted territory.

Additionally, you can also use our system to monitor location of your elder relatives, especially those who is suffering from memory disorders.

As practice shows, seniors feel more confident going for a walk with GPS tracker in a pocket. As the result, they better spend their time in the open air and you always know where they are and can help them if necessary.

Every GPS tracker is equipped with a big SOS button, which should be pressed when the user needs help. Your phone immediately notifies you about SOS signal and shows location on the map.

Especially for family monitoring the user can monitor up to 4 devices on our service absolutely for free!
   Car monitoring
Sleep bad at night? Looking out the window trying to find your car in the dark? With Live GPS Tracking you can forget about it!

Install a hidden device in your car and just send one SMS message in case of emergency. Safely hidden GPS tracker recieves SMS and sends the car's coordinates to you. Automotive trackers use special technology and spend most time in sleep mode so they are not detected by intruders' equipment.

Or you can monitor your car 24/7. You can see where is your car any time on our website. Set control geofences and if your car leave it, you'll get SMS or Email notification. But you can always find out if something wrong earlier than car leaves geofence. If the tracker stops sending location, e.g. in case of GSM/GPS signal is jammed, , you will receive notification in a couple of minutes.

Rarely use PC? Install on your smartphone or tablet our app called Mobile dispatcher That allows to track your car's location from anywhere.
   We invite you for cooperation
Our company successfully operates on the market since 2010 and we can safely say that it is among the top ten industry leaders. Development of a partner network with maximum coverage of Russian regions is one of the strategic goals of Live GPS Tracking.

If your company is experienced in sales and installing of satellite monitoring and navigation systems, we will be glad to see you among our partners.

Cooperation with our partners is aimed at creating conditions for making a profit by providing quality services of satellite monitoring systems implementation as a modern method of improving business efficiency and reducing costs for automotive and special vehicles operation.

Our main principles of partnership:
  • Create trusting and long-term relationships;
  • Create opportunities for partners to expand their business and get long-term income from providing services to Live GPS Tracking users;
  • Listen to the partners ideas in development of the company's product line.

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Live GPS Tracking - professional system

of GPS monitoring

Track current
objects location
Create geofences
and control entry
and exit of them
Set notifications for friends
and relatives about events
View detailed
routes for prior periods
Group your
Use our service
worldwide via web interface
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Simple, convenient and beneficial

Low service rates
and free for up to 4 devices!
More than 750 device models
available for connecting

Unique Hosting Platform

Start your business in a 5 minutes!

We have created an automated Hosting Platform for creating business of providing paid GPS monitoring services.

We invite businessmen and entrepreneurs from any countries and cities to join a ready-made business in a fast developing area for maximum profit.
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We are working for you since 2010

578 693 users utilize our services 672 602 on their devices.
We receive and proceed 531 coordinates per second or 31 860 per minute or 45 878 400 per day.

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21.11.2022 - Real Time GPS Tracker for Android nas been updated to version 4.0.0. Adaptive track became available for all tariff plans. To learn more.

06.11.2022 - Mobile Dispatcher for Android has been updated to version 2.6. List of changes.

19.10.2022 - Real Time GPS Tracker for Android nas been updated to version 3.9.2. To learn more.

12.09.2022 - Mobile Dispatcher for Android has been updated to version 2.4. Added the ability to generate various types of reports. Details.

27.05.2022 - LiveGPS Travel Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.7.1. List of changes.

20.04.2022 - Mobile Dispatcher for Android has been updated to version 2.4. Added personal account account and other changes.

04.04.2022 - Update of Real Time GPS Tracker for Android has been released, where issues with temporary unavailability of the livegpstracks.com domain in some countries are resolved. Details.

15.03.2022 - And again update Real Time GPS Tracker for Android version 3.9 is issued. Details.

09.12.2021 - Real Time GPS Tracker for Android nas been updated to version 3.8.1. To learn more.

06.10.2021 - LiveGPS Travel Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.6. List of changes.

29.07.2021 - LiveGPS Travel Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.5. Details.

10.06.2021 - Now it is possible to relay data to an arbitrary server, including RNIS. Learn more about this feature.

16.04.2021 - Real Time GPS Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.6. Adaptation for Android 11 and other changes were made. More.

05.04.2021 - LiveGPS Travel Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.4.1. Local search for travel, expanded set of maps and more were added. Details.

31.03.2021 - Real Time GPS Tracker for Android has been updated to version 3.5. Lots of changes, improvements and fixes were made. List of changes.

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