Welcome!  Our service combines not only traditional GPS monitoring of transport,
employees, relatives, pets but wonderful world of trips and travels
that you can share in the real time.

GPS monitoring

Professional solution for sattelite monitoring
of various automotive and special vehicles
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For business

The following problems are frequent for companies using vehicles in their daily activities:
  • Fuel stealing from vehicles
  • Odometer fraud
  • Using vehicles for personal needs
  • Not economical and even dangerous driving style
  • Work for competitors
  • Speed limit violation
Tired of the constant fuel stealing? Tired of drivers talking about traffic jams?
Start using our monitor service right now!

Advantages of using GPS Monitoring for companies

  • Significantly reduce losses from theft, fraud and personal use of vehicles by drivers.
  • Reduce operating costs by 20-30%
  • Most efficient vehicle use: max transportation volume can be provided
  • Increase attractiveness of your compamy's services because of using GPS monitoring system
  • The system increases the chances of successful preventing or investigating vehicle theft

Advantages for managers and business owners

  • Quick and easy implementation — our service supports more than 800 tracker models, and most of that do not require special installation procedure. We also develop our own trackers and support some software trackers for smartphones.
  • Our service can be tested for free at 4 devices.
  • Transparent plans.
  • Convenient payment methods — non-cash payments with automatic invoicing, bank cards, electronic money.

Advantages for logistics managers

  • Online transport location monitoring
  • Traveled route analysis over time periods
  • Mileage calculation
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Monitoring vehicles in your fleet that are not in use
  • Control over the correct use of the monitoring system
  • Unlimited data storage time
  • Access rights differentiation — no need to give full access to managers, you can give them rights only to view vehicles location

How to start using?

Spend a couple of minutes for an automatic registration process to start using the service:

You'll get an access to all main free functions after registration.

Pricing policy

Connect 4 trackers for free or use advanced plans.

Monitoring capabilities:
  • Main access and control via WEB-interface.
  • Monitoring via Android, iOS apps or vk.com app.
  • Up to 4 devices (hardware or software trackers) can be connected for free.
  • Free for EMERCOM, rescue services and other socially significant non-commercial organizations (upon request)
  • It is possible to establish free access for non-commercial events — competitions, regattas, etc. (upon request).
  • More than 800 hardware trackers models. You can view full list of supported models.
  • View daily movements with detailed information.
  • "Operator" access mode.
  • Grouping connected devices.
  • Custom geofences, notifications about enabling/disabling (SMS or Email).
  • Adding fixed objects to the map with its geofences.
  • Event logging.
  • Various types of reports — mileage, fuel, per day, per month, etc.
  • Support of various sensors — converting measurement units, changing digit capacity of values, calibration.
  • Notifications about achieving set values for sensors and parameters.
  • Odometers with event logging and reminders of upcoming events (maintenance, oil change, etc.).
  • Graphic representation of data.
  • Player (play recorded track).
  • Visual (color) speed display on the track.
  • Data storage period depends on your plan.
  • Saving track in different formats — KML, PLT, GPX.
  • Capability to share your device with your friends on the website.
  • Capability to share private or public link to the device with unregistered users.
  • Object monitoring via Google Earth.
  • Embedding the monitoring window to your website.
  • Providing accounting documents (for legal entities).
Why such a low cost?
Unlike competitors, we do not buy a monitoring system from third-party developers for monthly subscription fee, but develop our own platform. It enables us to set real prices and actively develop our own platform adding new features for our customers.

You can view full list of our services and rates on the "plans page.".

Contact us

For connection to the system, you can write us a message at any time: sales@livegpstracks.com

About us

Our company "Skynavis" works on the market of satellite monitoring systems since 2010. As of the beginning of 2019, our GPS monitoring platform is used by more than 1000 companies; tracking modules are installed on more than 120000 vehicles.

"Live GPS Tracking" - this is a multifunctional and and easy-to-use GPS monitoring service that allows you to control the movement of vehicles or personnel anywhere in the world.

We offer wide range of services for both large and small companies.

Service features

  • The service allows to monitor location of an object on the map in real time as well as view the movements history.
  • Travelled path (track) is plotted on the map and displayed in a convenient way.
  • The service uses detailed world map based on OpenStreetMap and allows to view your track on maps of other providers.
  • Fast creation and generation of reports on movement, stops, speed in a table form for the required period.
  • Capability to set geofences on the map to control object's location in a given perimeter.
  • SMS and Email notifications about entering/leaving geofence.
  • Managing all registered devices in a personal user account.

Signature features of our service

  • We offer all customers to connect 4 trackers and use base functions absolutely for free.
    You can read about free basic functions and advantages of the payd plans on a special page with PLANS.
  • Capability to use both specialized hardware trackers and Android smartphones with free software RealTime GPS Tracker.
  • Capability to embed an interactive monitoring map into your website
  • Our users can share temporary link for object monitoring with unregistered users, e.g. customer to track the movement of cargo.
  • You can track objects using web interface or app called Mobile dispatcher for installing on smartphone.

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