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Hosting Platform

for GPS monitoring

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Hosting Platform for your business. Let's get profit together.

We invite businessmen and entrepreneurs from any cities to join a ready-made business in a fast developing area for maximum profit.

This is not a franchising, - there is no admission fees or any other hidden fees.

Our hosting platform is a fully automated system that allows you to build your own business of providing paid GPS monitoring services without any costs, , admission fees or other hidden fees.

Did you notice emphasized keywords? The main words are:


We provide complete monitoring system with proven features on the market of modern high-tech services. We tried to make a system that can be easily integrated into your website without the involvement of IT specialists.

You can get your own GPS monitoring system in a few simple steps. You will be able to receive income immediately after registration and making necessary settings — all tools for receiving payments are included in the system by default.

How much can you earn? This depends on your activity, desire and capabilities.
  • Are you selling GPS trackers online? You can make margin not only on direct sale, but also get a steady profit from providing additional services.
  • Are you a car service owner? Sell GPS-terminals, install them and connect to our platform.
  • Have another projects with good traffic? Convert this traffic to regular customers.
  • etc.

View real example below - 1521 EUR per month with minimum labor efforts.

The illustration shows general scheme of functioning and integration:

Notice! We do not provide hosting for your website, we provide complete monitoring service with a branded login page.

By the way, you can make simple website with your services description. It is not a big challenge today.
You can use any free website builder for the first time. Simple website can be built by any user who is familiar with computer.

If the setting process is difficult for you, you can use our offer: turnkey setting of Hosting Platform.

Start using system

Example of building a business without initial costs

  • Step 1. Build simple website with your service description, information about plans and contact data. This can be done for free.

  • Step 2. Register in livegpstracks.com, login hosting control panel and set the monitoring service.

  • Step 3. Attract customers to your website and earn an income.

These steps are completely free and allow to gain income immediately.

Helpful advice: buy your own second level domain to attract more visitors and connect it to The cost will be about 10 EUR per year, but you will improve customers' loyalty.

Real example

You can view real example of website design created by one of our customers:

The customer purchased a domain "gpsalarm.info".
Subdomain is used for login page "monitoring.gpsalarm.info".
Service plan was created - 2.99 EUR per device.
Income - 1.69 EUR from each connected tracker.

Total, net income is 1521 EUR per month. Not bad, is it? You can do the same.

Advantages of our hosting platform

  • Plans & Pricing
    Our plans are truly transparent. You can view them below.

  • Only your brand.
    We do not place our logos and links to our services on our customers' pages. Your service completely belongs you.

  • You don't need to communicate with managers and waste your time — registration process is simple.
    After registration and performing base setting for your needs, you can immediately start providing GPS monitoring services.

  • Simple and convenient API for maximum integration into your system.
    API allows to manage main hosting functions directly from your CRM or website.

  • Absolutely transparent financial scheme.
    Hosting works in automatic mode, fianancial and statistic reports are available.

  • Built-in payment systems.
    The system has built-in payment mechanisms: non-cash payments, electronic money and bank cards.

  • Partnership with individuals.
    We pay individuals monthly in electronic currency.

  • Partnership with legal entities.
    For legal entities we use post-payment scheme, i.e. we issue invoice at the end of the financial period (monthly).

  • Use your own domain name.
    Capability to use our third level domain (*.gpsoperator.com) or your own domain to build your service.

  • Multiaccount.
    You can use single account to operate on behalf of several companies with any websites quantity.<

Hosting Platform plans

What is Hosting Platform plan? This is the amount you share us from user payments. You set your own plans for your customers. Recommended service cost is - 2.99 EUR per month per device. This is only recommendation, you have no limitations.

We have single plan for Hosting Platform with all monitoring functions included without any additional payments.
  • Capability to set geofences as well as Email or SMS notifications about switching on/off trackers.

  • Several report types in Excel format that can be generated once report or set automatic reporting with sending to your Email.

  • Unlimited operators with limited access or public-private links for selected devices.

  • Capability to embed live monitoring map on your website.

  • And many other features.

Service rate per device - 1.3 EUR per month.

Rate per SMS notification - 0.11 EUR to any country of the world.

Important information: You do not pay any subscription fee. All payments are made upon the fact of funds expenditure from the end-user's account.

Read more about system operation in "Administrator manual for Hosting Platform"

Start using system

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