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Real Time GPS Tracker
Hardware tracker emulator for real time
GPS coordinates transferring (for Android)

version 3.7

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Detailed manual

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Remote control

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Version changes 3.7

  • Restored access to the root folder of the application in the internal memory for Android 11 (R)
  • A bug with a hanging notification in the mode of switching states via wi-fi has been fixed
  • For Android 8 and 9, a bug with access to notification management has been fixed
  • Stabilized the initial display of the tracker when you go to the screen "Map"
  • A bug with calculating the mileage and drawing the track in the recording mode of the track file without sending it to the monitoring server has been fixed

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App description

What is the app for?

The app is designed for real time monitoring of moving objects. The working principle is based on hardware GPS-trackers: which receive coordinates and send it to the server at a specified time interval.

The app works in 2 modes: continuous and energy saving.

In continuous mode, the app continuously receives GPS coordinates and sends it to the server. Minimal sending period is 1 sec.
Continuous mode allows separating operations of collecting and sending data. You can accumulate coordinates in storage with a low frequency and send it after a long time period.

In saving mode, the tracker switches on periodically to receive GPS coordinates at a specified interval.

You can close or minimize the app after launch and it will continue working in background mode.

You can view app operation example on our demo server

Basic interface items


View detailed user manual for app by following this link


Changes in version 3.5

  • Algorithm for switching tracker modes based on the state of wi-fi networks has been improved
  • The ability to automatically delete technical log files has been added
  • Password entry for settings has been improved - the password is entered only once and is valid until you exit the application
  • Notifications have been improved, now they have a clearer description and the ability to disable certain channels
  • Display of information when clicking on the tracker icon on the "Map" screen has been improved
  • The rules for granting permissions for the application have been changed in accordance with the Google policy
  • A bug in choosing a date in the calendar when editing an unlimited tracking link has been fixed
  • A bug with app stopping when swiping on Android 6 and 7 has been fixed
  • A bug with no password for settings on the "Application Options" screen has been fixed
  • A bug with notifications about collecting statistics in the "Appearance" - "Screens" setting has been fixed
  • Data transfer format for Wialon 2.0 protocol in the "Additional monitoring server" setting has been fixed
  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 3.4

  • A bug with missing menu in links has been fixed
  • A bug with saving a folder in the "Record track to file" mode has been fixed
  • A bug when displaying a list of wi-fi networks has been fixed
  • The problem of "blinking" notification when working through JobSchedule has been fixed

Changes in version 3.2

  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 3.1

  • Interface has been apdated
  • The "Indicator panel" screen has been converted to two new screens: "Statistics" and "Application parameters"
  • Screen "Map" has been added
  • Right menu has been added
  • Application settings have been rearranged and moved to the right menu
  • A status log, showing the main states of the application, has been added
  • Changes have been made to the rules for using the application without registering an account / adding a tracker to the monitoring service

Changes in version 3.0

  • The ability to do duplicate sending to other monitoring servers has been added
  • The ability for other servers to select a data transfer protocol has been added
  • The ability to use a PIN code instead of the main password from the account has been added
  • Tracking links have been improved
  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 2.9

  • Permission for unlimited work with GPS in the background for Android 10 has been added
  • For Android 10, IMEI is replaced by the application ID (only for new devices)
  • Algorithm switching tracker modes by wi-fi state has been improved
  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 2.8

  • The ability to switch application modes by connecting/disconnecting to wi-fi networks has been added
  • Тhe ability to quickly stop the application from notification bar has been added
  • Detailed information on setting up the application for Android 7 and higher has been added
  • Adaptive track has been improved
  • Changes to the operation of the application on the radio (autostart) have been made
  • Changes to algorithm "Job Schedule" have been made
  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 2.7

  • A new algorithm for smartphones and radio without Alarm has been introduced (Settings -> Launch through JobSchedule
  • System diagnostics (Settings -> System diagnostics) has been added
  • Bugs have been fixed

Changes in version 2.6.9

  • The way to send push notifications has been changed in option "Control via server"

Changes in version 2.6.8

  • English translation has been added
  • Acount info has been added
  • Export/Import settings on server feature has been added
  • Bug with wrong LBS position has been fixed
  • Check version task has been modified
  • Bugs has been fixed

Changes in version 2.6.7

  • Application error for Android 9 launching has been fixed

Changes in version 2.6.6

  • Background operation for Android 8 (Oreo) has been optimized
  • Iincorrect application launch on some rooted devices has been fixed
  • According to new Google policy, which prohibits applications to use SMS messages, all application functions related to receiving/sending SMS have been removed

Changes in version 2.6.5

  • Widget for sending a text message to the service website has been added
  • Error of updating GPS data of the screen "Indicator Panel" has been fixed
  • Crash when launching app on some devices has been fixed

Changes in version 2.6.4

  • Adaptive data collection feature has been added for continuos mode ("Adaptive track")
  • New mode "Check Status" has been added
  • Option to display multiple screens in the main application window has been added
  • Tracker operation parameters screen has been added
  • App restart feature after automatically updating from Google Play has been added

Changes in version 2.6.3

  • Sending your own events and parameters (via control from external applications) feature has been added
  • Server control commands to block login, open settings and start/stop the tracker has been added
  • Tracker operation mode data has been added to the notification bar
  • The color icon shoing tracker status indicator is returned back to the system notifications for Android 5+
  • Bug with disabling saving mode when GPS signal is not stable (from version 2.6.2) has been fixed
  • Minor bugs in the app operation (from version 2.6.2) has been fixed

Changes in version 2.6.2

  • Event handling (notification to the server about certain states of the tracker) has been added
  • Sending coordinate in SMS (without sending to the monitoring server) option has been added
  • Sending coordinates to the monitoring server in SOS mode option has been added
  • Mode enabling confirmation in SOS mode has been removed
  • Data transfer protocol has been modified and expanded
  • Bug with no sending data in Android 7 has been fixed
  • Handling of tracker response to quick connection/disconnection of charger has been corrected
  • DOZE mode operation in Andoid 7 has been corrected

Changes in version 2.6.1 (Скачать APK 2.6.1)

  • The mode providing correct app operation when the screen is off in Android 6+ ("Wake from sleep") has been added
  • Instruction for the app background operation when the screen is off in Android 6+ has been added
  • "Control screen state" setting when an accelerometer event occurs has been added
  • "Location accuracy" setting for saving mode has been added
  • On the registration page, now login entering will be performed only in lowercase
  • Ping package error in saving mode has been fixed
  • Importing errors for some settings has been fixed

Changes in version 2.6

  • Accelerometer event handling function has been added
  • Ping-package sending feature when failed to determine coords has been added
  • Speed unit when writing GPX file has been changed

Changes in version 2.5.9

  • Capabilityto control the tracker from the monitoring server has been added
  • Crash when rebooting in Android 6+ has been fixed

Changes in version 2.5.8

  • Export, import and reset the app settings option has been added
  • Bug with restarting the schedule (false triggering) has been fixed

Changes in version 2.5.6

  • The app has been adapted for correct operation via Android 6.0
  • Server data exchange is transferred to SSL encryption protocol (HTTPS)
  • Bugs has been fixed

Changes in version 2.5.5

  • Increasing stability in continuous mode feature has been addedl
  • Minimum transfering threshold in continuous mode changed to 1 sec
  • Small updates in the LBS coords collection module has been made

Changes in version 2.5.4

  • Capability to update version via the application has been added
  • Automatic and manual checking for updates option has been added
  • List of version changes has been added
  • Blocking widgets option has been added
  • Capability to make the app a device administrator has been added
  • Protection from "start-stop" fast switching has been added
  • Non-killability level of the app has been improved:
  • - The app stopping by Swipe has been fixed
    - The mode checking and forced stops detecting features have been added
  • Minor bugs has been fixed

Changes in version 2.5.3

  • Check for using fake coordinates function has been added
  • SMS command for quick geofence determination around tracker location has been added
  • Error occuring with links in some cases has been fixed

Changes in version 2.5.2

  • Bug with writing to file when SD card is unavailable has been fixed
  • Ither light improvements has been made

Changes in version 2.5.1

  • Adding a device to account module has been improved
  • Multiple links selection has been added
  • Additional event logging has been added

Changes in version 2.4.7

  • Switching tracker modes by power state option has been added
  • Data transfer protoco has been extended. New parameters: GPS signal accuracy, HDOP, power state and battery temperature
  • HDOP is saved when recording track in GPX format
  • File names format for tracks and logs has been modified for easier sorting
  • Login/registration module improvements have been integrated

Changes in version 2.4.6

  • Bug in the registration module for devices with large screen resolution has been fixed.

Changes in version 2.4.5

  • Recording track to file option has been added
  • Login and registration modules for users of the hosting system ( have been modified
  • Changing the app folder for storing additional data (tracks, logs) option has been added
  • Password encryption algorithm in requests to the monitoring server has been improved

Changes in version 2.4.4

  • The app operation with an external GPS module has been restored
  • Bug with logging when this setting is disabled has been fixed
  • Power consumption in saving mode has been reduced.
  • Logging of the app events has been extended.

Changes in version 2.4.3

  • Start after reboot option has been updated

Changes in version 2.3

  • Добавлено расширенное управление ссылками.

Changes in version 2.2

  • Добавлена возможность управления трекером из сторонних приложений.

Changes in version 2.1

  • Collect detailed log of the app option has been added
  • Amount of data when sending links via Email has been increased
  • Bug with double coordinates has been fixed
  • Bug with location via LBS in saving mode has been fixed
  • Bug with periodic crash of tracking in continuous mode has been fixed

Changes in version 2.0

  • Custom data transfer protocol has been implemented.
  • The storage mechanism for accumulated coords queue has been redesigned.
  • Queue size viewing, clearing and sending options have been added
  • Bug with the loss of queue after turning smartphone off or stopping tracking with "Stop" button has been fixed
  • Capability to delay sending coords to the server after they were collected from GPS receiver (only for continuous mode) has been added
  • Capability to determine coords via cell sites if GPS positioning failed has been added
  • Tracker control widget (start, stop, saving mode) has been added.
  • Widget for SOS button has been added.
  • "IMEI" settings editing option has been added
  • Additional SMS commands have been added
  • Capability to connect a smartphone with the app as a paid tracker (when free devices limit is exceeded)
  • Notification about off status of GPS and GSM modules when starting the tracker has been added
  • Bug with displaying when processing “get” SMS command has been fixed

Changes in version 1.2

  • Capability to control the tracker via SMS has been added
  • Capability to register in the service via the app has been added
  • Gps status indicator in the notification panel

Changes in version 1.1

  • Easy switching between request and sending coords modes has been added
  • Capability to share a track link via social networks, SMS or email has been added
  • Editing SMS text option has been added
  • Pop-up tip when tapping on GPS indicator has been added
  • Pop-up tip when tapping on GPS indicator has been added
  • Bug with incorrect displaying driving direction has been fixed

Changes in version 1.0

  • First version.


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