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Real time GPS Monitoring

The section is destined for users who want to monitor location of their or company's vehicles, employees or relatives in real time, as well as get a detailed report of daily or weekly movements.

Main features of the section:
  • Tracker status information (battery charge, signal level, altitude, azimuth, etc.) *
  • More than 800 models of hardware trackers. You can view compatible models list at the page of connected models.
  • Viewing daily moving history with detailed information at each point of the track.
  • Access in "operator mode".
  • Grouping connected devices.
  • Geofences, notifications on switching on/off the devices (via SMS or Email).
  • Event logging**
  • Various report types — mileage, fuel, by day, by month, etc.
  • Graphic representation of data.
  • Data storage period depends on your plan.
  • Saving track in different formats — KML, PLT, GPX.
  • Capability to share your device with your friends on the website.
  • Capability to share a private or public link to the device with unregistered users.
  • Object monitoring via Google Earth.
  • Embedding monitoring window to your website.
  • Providing accounting documents (for legal entities).
  • And many other features. Full features list can be found in your plan description.
       * - Quantity of displayed parameters depends on the tracker model
       * - Quantity of logged events depends on the tracker model

Difference from "Travel ONLINE"

The maim difference from "Travel ONLINE" section is that all features are destined to monitor the current location of people and vehicles. Data and monitoring reports include information for movement control. Software and hardware trackers transmit data immediately when they are received it or with a delay if there is no GSM communication. Generally, if there is no connection for a long time and the movement continues, accumulated coordinates are replaced with new incoming ones. Thus, it is impossible to record full track for several days offline.

Vice versa, "Travel ONLINE" features are destined to record full track of your trip regardless of GSM network or internet connection and display trip on the website with photos and text note. You can also make photos and text notes via your phone during trip, name it and write text descriptions for points, and then send the data to the website immediately after creation or at any convenient time.

How to start using GPS monitoring section

If you have a hardware tracker, check whether it is in the list of connected models or not. If your tracker is in the list, set it according device manual.

Android, WinPhone 7.5 or Windows Mobile.

Connect the hardware or software tracker in your personal account (register if you have no account on the website), according to the manual.

Did not find your model tracker? Instructions for adding new models.

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