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Mobile Dispatcher
Managing devices and viewing trackers on the map
for iPhone/iPad

version 1.0

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App description

"Mobile Dispatcher" app is created special for the users of our GPS online monitoring service.

The app allows to track current location and movement of all your gps trackers via smartphone, as well as to set a geofence for any tracker.

You can track movement via smartphone if at least 1 tracker connected in your account or you have an access to at least 1 tracker owned by your friends.

Using app

"View" mode

This mode allows to view real time location of your trackers on the map


You can observe up to 4 trackers at the same time. You can view your own trackers as well as your friends' trackers, but the total number of trackers for simultaneous viewing depends on the number of trackers connected to your account.

You can update location of trackers in automatic or manual mode. The app can also calculate the distance from your actual location to any tracker. It also shows direction to the tracker with plotting on the map, so you can easily find it.

"Alarm" mode

This mode allows to quickly set geofence around current tracker's location. If the tracker leaves this geofence, you will receive a notification.

When this mode is useful:

Geofences are typically used for places where tracked person usually spend his time, e.g. school for a child, typical route for a driver, etc. But there are also many places which you can visit unexpectedly and can't set geofence in advance. For example, you can park your car near hypermarket, shopping center, bar, office, etc and you can't know in advance where you will leave your car.

Our "Mobile Dispatcher" app allows to set any geofence. Just choose your tracker in the app and set a geofence around it with one click. If the tracker leaves geofence, you will immediately receive notification.


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