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Affiliate Program

Any registered user of our service can take part in our affiliate program.

Program conditions

  • Participation in the program is available to any tariff and any registered user
  • The program is not valid for users of the hosting platform

How does it work?

You place a special link with the code in any convenient way. For example, you can make a review or description of the service, post links to your trackers in the monitoring, to your travels, routes or track storage. A person follows the link and becomes a referral in case of registration.
You don't have to register right after following the link. A person can walk around the site, close and remember some time later. After registration he will become a referral anyway.*.

* Provided:
  • The registration took place in the same browser where the link with the code was set.
  • The cookies were not cleared after passing the link
If a referral starts spending money for monitoring on the site, you will get a reward.
If your referral also takes part in an affiliate program, you will also receive compensation from users who have followed his link.

Please note: Remuneration is accrued only from funds actually spent for connection of devices and subscription fee for connected devices. Funds spent on SMS-notifications are not counted in the affiliate program.

What's the percentage?

From each of your users (first level referral) - 10%
From each user of your user (second-level referral) - 1%

How are fees paid?

Remuneration is paid to your specified information (e-wallet, crypto-wallet, payment system, bank card, etc.).
Payments are made once a month between the 1st and the 15th of the month. Payment period - the last calendar month.

The minimum amount for withdrawal - 10 EUR. If the minimum amount on the partner program account is not reached, payment is not made. The sum of reward for the previous month will be added to the accumulated sum.

Attention! If your payment details are not specified in settings for a long time (or specified invalid, ineffective), payment is made only for the three months preceding entering of details in settings of the partner program.

How can I set up the Affiliate Program?

In the top menu of the site "settings" - horizontal menu item "Affiliate Program"

"Your affiliate code" - is the code by which the referral is linked to your account.
"An example of affiliate link" - This is what the link you place to attract referrals should look like. Of course, the link can be placed on any page of the site. It is only important to specify the parameter "utrm" and your code: utrm=9259450368

Example of link with code on travel:

An example of a link with a code on a track in the track store:

Example of link with code for a route:

Example of a link with code to a device in monitoring:

An example of a link with a code to the operator:

"Payment system for withdrawal" - Choose the payment system to receive your reward
"Details" - Enter the number of your account or your wallet in the chosen payment system
After choosing a system and entering the details, please do not forget to click on the "Change"

How do I know whether I have referrals?

In the top menu of the site "settings" - horizontal menu item "Affiliate Program"
In the horizontal submenu, choose the item "Referrals"
You can see the number of people registered via your affiliate links as well as your referrals' affiliate links in the table by date.

How to control the payments?

In the top menu of the site "settings" - horizontal menu item "Affiliate Program"
In the horizontal submenu, choose the item "Payouts"

Block "To payments"
In the block the information is updated once a month when payouts are counted.
  • To payments - The sum which should be paid is specified.
    If the minimum amount is not reached, this field will display the value for the whole month. If in the next month also the minimum amount is not reached, the value is summed. This continues until the minimum amount is reached.
    If the minimum amount is reached, the value will remain filled until the actual payment is made. After that the value will be reset.
  • Total paid - the value of the actually paid money for the whole history of using the partner program is specified. Every month the value increases by the amount of actually paid money.

More detailed data is given on a monthly basis in the form of a table. The statistics is available for the last 6 months.
Calculation of daily remuneration is made once a day for the previous date.

Table columns decoding:
  • Date - date, for which the reward is calculated
  • Amount - remuneration amount for the date
  • Number of referrals - Number of first- and second-level referrals, from which the remuneration was calculated
  • Total transactions - amount of trackers connected to the accounts of referrals from which the remuneration was calculated

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