Technical Support Policy


1. The following terms are defined in this Policy:

1.1, hereinafter referred to as the Website, Real Time GPS Tracker, Mobile Dispatcher, and LiveGPS Travel Tracker mobile applications, hereinafter referred to as the Applications, jointly with the Website referred to as the Service, and all services being rendered via the Website and the Applications, jointly referred to as the Services.

1.2 Potential Users and users using the Service are referred to as Users or You.

1.3 Service owner company (hereinafter referred to as the Company or We):


TraceOnline24 OU

10316, Eesti, Tallinn, Kolde pst, 98


Phone number: +372 6991534



2. Technical support is available and provided only to registered Users of the Service or potential users on the issues that should be resolved in order to become a User of the Service (subject to compliance of the request with clause 4 of this Policy).

2.1 Technical support is provided free of charge

2.2 In some cases, the availability or absence of the possibility of technical support may be regulated by the tariff plans set by the Company.


3. Support channels

3.1 Technical support is provided via email upon receipt of a support request by the customer service at

3.2 Each new letter is processed by a special request handling system, and a number is assigned to each letter (hereinafter the Ticket). The author of the letter is sent an automatic response from the robot on the request registration.

3.3 Technical support is provided in two languages: English and Russian.

3.4 Technical support can be provided by contacting our forum:, in the sections corresponding to clause 4 of this Policy.

3.5 Technical support is not provided on Companys social media, blogs or third-party forums, app store reviews (Google Play, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery, etc.)


4. Technical support is provided regarding the Service and Services (infrastructure, capabilities, operation, availability and other parts owned by the Company)


4.1 Technical support is not provided regarding the equipment, software or other features or infrastructure not owned by the Company.

4.2 The technical support staff members may, but do not have to provide general consulting on User equipment (GPS trackers, sensors, applications for mobile devices and other devices) setting by recommendations, links to documentation or setting methods known to them. The technical support staff members are not obliged and shall not seek the setting methods on the Internet or other sources, contact the equipment manufacturer, send SMS commands to the User equipment, or otherwise fine-tune equipment not owned by the Company.

4.3 The technical support staff members are prohibited to give recommendations as to the selection and purchase of equipment.


5. Response time.


The technical support team provides qualified assistance and consulting from 9 am to 9 pm (Moscow time) on weekdays.


We do our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible within a business on which the request has been received. However, please keep in mind that requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, and if the department is very busy, the term can be increased up to three (3) days.


At night (from 21 pm to 09 am Moscow time) and weekends, the technical support member on duty shall respond to your request if:

       It concerns a critical error in the operation of the Service (required)

       At his/her own discretion


During holidays, we make every reasonable effort to respond to your request as soon as possible.


6. Requirements to support requests

To guarantee timely and comprehensive technical support, the User must provide the following information when sending a request to the technical support service:


       Its username in the system

       Detailed description of the problem

       The unique identifier (IMEI/ID) of the hardware in question

       The name of the mobile application and its version, the operating system of the mobile device and its version

       Individual elements related to the problem

       Description of the actions that caused the problem

       Screenshots, images, graphics, log files, etc.

       Any additional information requested by the technical support specialist


Please note that one Ticket should contain only one question. If there are several tasks, you need to create a separate request for each of them.


If a User creates several Tickets concerning the same question within a short time, they are grouped and sent to the end of the queue (by the time of the last request arrival).


A ticket is considered processed and previously closed after sending a response to the User.


When communicating with technical support specialists, the User should adhere to the respect and politeness rules. In case of unmannerly conduct during communication, the Company may consider refusing to provide technical support to the User.


The User is fully responsible for the correctness of the specified e-mail address, and any losses or any other adverse consequences caused by the illegal use or violation of the specified e-mail address.


7. Your request may remain unanswered if:


       You have sent an empty email without text and subject indicated

       Your question has been asked in the subject line

       The letter does not comply with clause 6 of this Policy and contains only monosyllabic phrases, for example, Activate, Does not work, What's the problem?, What should I do?, I did everything right, it doesn't work by your fault

       If a technical support staff member asked some clarifying questions concerning a problem (to solve it as quickly as possible), but there was no answer from the User in a number of response emails.

       The letter contains obscene language, disrespect or offensive expressions addressed to a technical support staff member, the Service or the Company.



8. As part of the service for creating your own business in the sphere of online monitoring (Hosting Platform), technical support is provided only to the owner of an account on the Hosting Platform. The owner of an account on the Hosting platform provides technical support to its users individually.


9. Changes in the Support Policy

The Company may unilaterally change and modify its Technical Support Policy and any annexes thereto. Such changes and modifications shall be binding for all Users from the moment of their publication on the Company's website.


10. Contact Details

Please contact us at or with any questions regarding this Policy.