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ST 270 - подключен новый трекер Ижевского радиозавода
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Автор:  livegps [ 04 окт 2014, 17:29 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  ST 270 - подключен новый трекер Ижевского радиозавода

Подключена новая модель GPS\ГЛОНАСС трекера Ижевского радиозавода - ST 270

Параметры подключения
Сервер: "" или ""
Порт: 3371


Типы обрабатываемых событий (журнал событий):
emergency by pannic button
emergency by parking lock
emergency by removing main power
Input1 goes to ground state
Input1 goes to open state
Input2 goes to ground state
Input2 goes to open state
Input3 goes to ground state
Input3 goes to open state
Input4 goes to ground state
Input4 goes to open state
Input5 goes to ground state
Input5 goes to open state
Start driving faster than SPEED_LIMIT
Ended over speed condition
Disconnected GPS antenna
Reconnected GPS antenna after disconnected
The vehicle went out from the geo-fence that has following ID
The vehicle entered into the geo- fence that has following ID
Shorted GPS antenna
Enter to deep sleep mode
Exit from deep sleep mode
Backup battery error
Vehicle battery goes down to so low level. Refer 7.6
occurred some collision
Deviate from predefined route
Enter into predefined route
Engine :Exceed Speed
Engine :Vehicle Speed Violation
Engine :Coolant Temperature Violation
Engine :Oil Pressure Violation
Engine :RPM Violation
Engine :Sudden Hard Brake Violation
Engine :Error Code(DTC)
Backup battery low voltage

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